The new work-from-home policies at Facebook, Twitter, Apple

Tech giants are typically known for expecting all employees to be at their desks each day. That may permanently change with the coronavirus.

The coronavirus pandemic has upended daily life, changing how we interact with loved ones, colleagues and strangers at the grocery store. When the crisis subsides, it’ll remake the workplace too.

Tech giants including Facebook, Twitter and Amazon have begun sharing plans about how they’ll adapt their work cultures to adapt to the post-coronavirus world. Offices will be the most visible examples of these changes, with many occupied far below capacity as some employees permanently transition to remote work. That may prompt Silicon Valley companies to rethink the amenities that have become synonymous with their sleek offices: cafes stocked with free food, valet parking and sleep pods.

Employees don’t seem to care that much about the lost amenities though. A May survey by the anonymous employee messaging app Blind found 66% of 2,800 respondents across Silicon Valley, New York City and Seattle said they’d be willing to work remotely, relocating outside those metro areas. Among respondents, 20% of San Francisco area respondents said they’d be willing to accept a pay cut up to 20%. And 75% of New Yorkers said they wanted to leave.

Here’s how big tech companies are handling the changes: