K-12 MakersPlace Lab/Arm(E³)NGAGE Ecosystem Lab officially opened in October 2022 at 6 Eusebius Ln, Abelemkpe – Accra.

The K-12 Lab, which opened at MakersPlace Accra center, is the combination of an engineering lab, Drones, 3D Printing, Robotics, and a classroom offering teachers and students an engaging learning environment to foster creativity, collaboration, and the development of critical skills necessary for the 21st century.

The unique hands-on Arm(E³)NGAGE K12 lab experience, exposes students to STEAM concepts and careers that are essential to tomorrow’s workforce not only at the lab but in every aspect of building prototypes that address problems with our communities.

The MakersPlace K-12 Lab is part of Arm(E³)NGAGE’s efforts to bring its STEAM-based MakersPlace Lab experience to diverse communities and regions nationwide.
MakersPlace CEO/Founder Douglas Tetteh Ayitey facilitates the MakersPlace Lab’s Signature Activities, including Arm(E³)NGAGE K12 schools engagement in Ghana to help prepare kids for the World of Work career exploration and unique engineering projects.

The Future Ready Lab offers 2 full days of classes each week that are based on the MakersPlace Lab experience. Classes are taught by facilitators with STEAM and education backgrounds, which will help students create, code, collaborate and present robotic creations better.

The goal of the Future Ready Lab is to serve as a 21st-century learning environment for all students within the K12 education band.

MakersPlace Lab is located is at  Eusebuis Ln, Abelenkpe Accra Ghana.