We believe that all children can learn and succeed but not at the same pace & environment.

why makersplace

MakersPlace is a technology-driven, learning and skills development organization with a primary focus on K-12 learners. We have a solid team of experts; active engineers with diverse experiences who are passionate about the skills development of Ghana and Africa’s future workforce today. Our organization is STEM.org Accredited.

MakersPlace is the leading STEM/STEAM education solutions provider in Ghana. We have been successful in advocating for skills learning in the classroom by organizing demonstrations in many schools from elementary school to high school. We have also become the preferred choice for homeschoolers who want to learn skills in addition to what they are learning at home.

Technology is evolving and therefore, our children cannot be left out to be only consumers of these emerging technologies. With the right hardware and software, learning environment, and the application of the right pedagogy coupled with child-friendly STEAM coaches, your child can be assured of a globally competitive learning experience with MakersPlace.

Our curriculum contains more Do It Yourself (DIY) projects for different ages. Our Robotics, Coding, Electronics, and 3D Modeling & Printing program is accredited by the USA based organization STEM.org.
Finding information is no longer that much of a concern; however, analyzing information to make sure it is properly curated and applicable to your needs is.

While this is the single biggest challenge to developing independent learners, it is also the reason why individuals with proper research skills are the most informed people in any industry.

At MakersPlace, we currently wear several hats, but they all revolve around engineering/STEM/STEAM education and engineering labs also known as makerspaces.
We like to call them solutions makerspaces instead of engineering makerspaces because we believe that the goal of engineering is to create feasible and effective solutions. Unfortunately, students who have not yet experienced the joy we have found in the world of engineering shy away from that word and anything to do with it.

This fear even extends to engineering makerspaces and workshops which are some of the most enjoyable places in the world to some of our students and us due to the growth, learning, and creative release process we partake in while we successfully and unsuccessfully attempt to materialize our thoughts and ideas.

Because of these wonderful experiences, so many are missing, we believe a rebranding is to attract more of the youth to try it out which is why we keep pushing to spread these engineering solutions makerspaces as much as possible.

As a company, we are looking for partners that share the vision of bringing STEAM education to both privileged and underprivileged children in Ghana to prepare them for careers in STEM.

In these makerspaces, we strive to develop independent learners who only have us as facilitators and do not need us as a primary source of information. We curate the technology in both the makerspaces, create/curate the curriculum, and teach it to different age ranges from 5 to 18 years.

The curriculum covers a range of engineering topics including coding, mechatronics, robotics, computer-aided design (CAD) and additive/subtractive manufacturing, web app design, video game design, aerospace engineering, and conceptual engineering design among others.

It has led to well-resourced makerspaces which have inspired incredible educational experiences and deliverables including various robots, circuits, computer programs, and other projects.
MakersPlace outfitted the makerspaces with the technology sources through our US-based partners at DeyGana to support our curriculum. This technology includes 3D printers, laser cutters, computers, hand/power tools like drills, dremels, and saws, microcontrollers, motors, circuit elements like resistors and capacitors, PCBs, soldering irons, building materials like metal/wood stock and extruded aluminum, robotic kits, etc.

Students’ increasing involvement year over year in the makerspaces and their success in acquiring skills and applying them to projects they document and articulate well have led to schools and organizations both in the area and beyond pitching us about the possibility of us creating and taking over this role at their schools and organizations.

These organizations range from K12 schools to universities, companies, and nonprofit organizations.


STEM education for kids

demonstration Workshop

MakersPlace Robotics and STEM Classes for kids


CPD for Techers - MakersPlace CPD For Teachers


Coding, Robotics, Electronics,and 3D


Learners are given the opportunity to participate and compete in both local and international competitions to explore, learn , and discover more!

Makersplace - Make X competition


MakeX is a robotics competition platform that promotes multidisciplinary learning within the fields of science and technology.


Roboleague is robotics competition that aims to spread Robotics and Computing through practical project-based learning for the production of robot prototypes.


Codeavouris the biggest international online AI and coding competition for kids,to Create innovative AI projects in PictoBlox and make the world a better place.