We believe that all children can learn and succeed but not at the same pace & environment.

MakersPlace is offering your child the opportunity to acquire 21st Century skills through our well-design online and in-person training programs. MakersPlace is a technology driven, learning and skills development company. We have a solid team of experts; active engineers with diverse experiences who are passionate about training children. 

Technology is evolving and therefore, our children cannot be left out to be only consumers of these emerging technologies. With the right hardware and software, learning environment, and the application of the right pedagogy coupled with child-friendly STEAM coaches, your kid can be assured of a globally competitive learning experience.

why makersplace

As a company, we are looking for partners that share the vision of bringing STEAM education to both privileged and underprivileged children in Ghana to prepare them for careers in STEM fields.

STEM education for kids

We provide the following training programs;

Digital Arts, Game Development, Coding, Robotics, Electronics, and 3D Modeling & Printing.

Learners are given the opportunity to participate competitions in both local and international competitions to explore, learn , and discover more!

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Makers Place - Stem

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