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Are you ready to take a leap into the world of electronics? Do you want to know: What makes your phones and laptops tick? What strange things lie under the hood of the fastest supercomputers in the world? What gives satellites the oomph to pinpoint where your best friend lives? If you’re willing to dare, then this course is just the one for you! This fully project-based course is one which will introduce you to the building blocks of electronics and give you the skills you need to build awesome projects of your own.

Students will understand the fundamental concepts of electronics such as charge, current, resistance and voltage and the core materials used in the field of electronics.
Become familiar with the basic tools used in electronics such as breadboards, digital multimeters and a variety of hand tools through projects.
Duration : 32 – 40 Classes, 120 min per class
Age: 10+ 


Students will Know what an Arduino is, what it is used for and how to install its required software. Understand the concepts of Analog and Digital inputs and outputs and how to interface them with the Arduino UNO. Know how to use many sensors and interface them with the Arduino UNO.
Duration : 32 – 40 Classes, 120 min per class
Age: 12+