coding games in roblox


Are you a game player, looking for an opportunity to join the over 2 million “creators” in the world? Then this course is for you. You don’t need to be an expert computer programmer to begin making your own games, to publish, and invite friends to play your game.

Age Ranges:

7 - 16 years

Learning Outcomes

✔️ To understand the basis of video game development
✔️ To be able to download and setup Roblox Studio
✔️ To build, design and publish Roblox Games

To get familiarized with the following in Roblox Studio:

✔️ Model, Test, Plugins, Terrain and View.
✔️ To get the basic of scripting using Lua programing to improve the game.

Technical Requirements

✔️ Windows PC or Mac OS only
✔️ Install Zoom Video Conferencing Software / Microsoft Teams
✔️ Stable Internet Connection
✔️ Headphones (optional)
✔️ Mouse

Coding games in roblox